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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Tokyo and Break Dancing

Last year I joined the inaugural Design Bootcamp class, taught by School of Motion. These boards were born out of one assignment from that class. I had a lot fun getting my brush on creating these boards. The ask was to develop boards for a...

Fun with Movies and the command line (reprise)

This may be a throwback for most of you, but one my favorite Tumblrs back in day was this guy, moviebarcode.tumblr.com. And 6 years ago it inspired me. I was fascinated with the color grades and color palettes from my favorite movies. Of course, not all...

Christmas Furball

It has become a tradition every year to make a Christmas card for my sister-in-law, Cate. The only request from this client is to incorporate her dog, Baxter. In 2015 I made the image below. Baxter is a mutt so he could be 1/16 reindeer...

Posts Coming Soon

Welcome to my lab!. Here you will find posts about my experiments in design, behind the scenes peeks, spec work and whatever is on my mind. I hope you can gain a good insight about my process and get inspired....