Barrow’s Intense Ginger

All photo elements were photographed separately and composited by Walsh. Further beauty work was applied to bring out every drop of drama. The art was used in various sales and marketing tools, as well as menus inserts. Additional type work by Aviva Buivid.

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“12KM” Teaser

The preceding boards were a proposed title treatment for the “12KM” teaser. Researching the dark subject matter of the movie, disturbing but appropriate images were sourced to develop the unique brushes to create the organic oily texture used in this treatment.

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Tokyo and Break Dancing

Last year I joined the inaugural Design Bootcamp class, taught by School of Motion. These boards were born out of one assignment from that class. I had a lot fun getting my brush on creating these boards. The ask was to develop boards for a 30 second commercial for an American Idol style show about

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Christmas Furball

It has become a tradition every year to make a Christmas card for my sister-in-law, Cate. The only request from this client is to incorporate her dog, Baxter. In 2015 I made the image below. Baxter is a mutt so he could be 1/16 reindeer or husky. For 2016 I decided to add another tradition to

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